Independent Contractor

(PHOTO 4: Corporate qualified person getting into a taxi with a briefcase)

As a taxi driver, you are not an employee, instead you are an independent contractor in your own transportation business. You are your own boss, you are not required to report any of your earnings and will drive any period of time you desire to provide the transportation of individuals on a for-hire basis. Dispatch service are also optional.

The relationship between the independent contractor and the taxi leasing company is that of lessee/lessor, not employee/employer. There is no hiring or firing, just to lease or not to lease.

You are not hired by the taxi company, but you are eligible to lease a vehicle from the taxi leasing company. As such, both parties, you and the taxi leasing company, have right to extend or terminate the leasing relationship at any time.

The taxi leasing company wants to lease you a vehicle. You, the taxi driver operating their own business, need an insured, licensed, registered, inspected, and legal commercial taxi to operate. Both parties have an interest in making the leasing relationship work, but if for any reason that relationship is not ideal for either and/or both parties, either party may end the relationship with no further obligation.

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