(PHOTO 6: Driver folding walker. Customer in the back seat.)

There are two types of customers in the taxi business. Wholesale and Retail.

The wholesale customer is you, the independent contractor, operating your taxicab.

The retail customer is the person you pick up and transport.

There’s an old saying in the taxi business: “Tires turning, pockets earning” but a more apt saying would be “Tires turning with someone in the back seat.” The object of the “Game” is to have someone in your car and you go to and from for as many miles as possible.

(PHOTO 7: Head shots of various people)

Anyone and everyone can be your retail customer. Your aim should be to make them, whoever they are, HAPPY customers. Happy customers typically return to provide you with more opportunity.

(PHOTO 8: A smiling senior)

Always remember that every customer should be appreciated and afforded the best service you can offer. Why? Because all of your customers have choices in this super-competitive transportation sector, and they chose a taxi — Your Taxi. If you want them to continue to choose a taxi, especially your taxi, make them feel like they made the right choice by choosing you for their transportation needs.

(PHOTO 9: Photo of a woman in deep thought. She’s surrounded by “Thought” bubbles of Uber, Lyft, Bus, and Taxi. Her transportation choices.)

What’s the recipe? Legendary Customer Service. That’s right. It’s that simple and that hard. Consistent Legendary Customer Service.

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